Lord Warden

Local lord of the town of Fallcrest


Lord Warden is generally well liked among the small town of Fallcrest. When the town started coming under unusually persistent kobold attacks, it fell upon him to do something about it, and what does a local rich guy do to take care of kobold attacks? He hires a group of expenda- er, brave adventurers to take care of the problem.

After sending for each member of Team Awesome individually, Lord Warden sent them on their suici- ahem, quest.

Upon the return of Team Awesome, Lord Warden was pleased to discover that the kobolds had been pretty much slaughtered, disgusted to discover the method the group chose to prove their kills, and kinda pissed to find that they left the dragon alive in the basement of kobold manor. After much haggling with Erik the Cleric, Lord Warden agreed to pay them extra to kill the dragon, and agreed a 75/25(Warden/Group) split of the dragon hide with the group getting the first pick.

Lord Warden

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